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The SwordCast

Jan 3, 2023

New Year's Extravaganza! Top Wrestling Matches of the Year, Top Vidoegames of the Year. Top TV Shows of the Year!

What's Your Top 5?

Dec 13, 2022

Back from vacation! Noveliss recaps his trip to Disney, we recap the gaming awards, and we share the Swordcast Definitive Top 10 Pokemon What's Your Top 10?

Nov 1, 2022


Oct 25, 2022

This week we celebrate the return of the NBA! Plus we get our brother Ed on to talk about Black Adam and House of the Dragon. Plus, Top 5 NBA Players of All Time.

What's Your Top 5?

Oct 18, 2022

This week we check in on House of The Dragon and Rings of Power! We also share our personal Top 10 Definitive Cartoon Network Shows Lists! 

What's Your Top 10?