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The SwordCast

Oct 29, 2019

With Halloween on the horizon, we roll down the nostalgia road and reminisce on some of our favorite Halloween memories. Also we take a deep dive in to our Martial Arts backgrounds, and how it has shaped our world view. ALSO TOP 5 ANIME FIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 22, 2019

Today we celebrate the 17th anniversary of Naruto, a highly influential show for both of us, and a gateway anime for many anime heads. Who are your Top 5 Naruto characters? Also, where were you when Son Goku hit SSJ for the first time? Join us!

Oct 15, 2019

Join us on this week's SwordCast as we dive into some nostalgia and talk about our favorite 90's Cartoons! What are your favorites? Also, where you a Nickelodeon fan or were you Team Cartoon Network??

Oct 8, 2019

Special Episode of the SwordCast where we celebrate the Nintendo 64! One of the first "next gen" consoles of our lives! Also, after a crazy week in the world of Pro Wrestling, we take a look back at the Monday Night Wars! We ran a BIT long this week, but rock with us, we had a lot of fun!

Oct 1, 2019

This week on The SwordCast we talk about Nerd Culture and Sports, how the two interact, and our experiences with both. Also, which heroes would make the best basketball players? Name your starting five!