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The SwordCast

Jun 29, 2021

This week on the SwordCast we talk basketball as your Detroit Basketball Pistons win the 2021 NBA Draft Lottery! Also, we do our weekly breakdown of Loki, and celebrate some Nintendo Nostalgia with N64 themed tier lists and Pick 3's!

What's Your Top Tier?

Jun 23, 2021

Late upload due to internet outages. But this is a fun episode regardless! Anime, videogames, comics, TV Shows, the usual! What's Your Top Tier?

Jun 15, 2021

It's Late! We had some technical difficulty! But we had a good podcast! Loki Episode One, E3, Videogame themed Pick 3, AND A POKEMON TIER LIST!!

What's Your Top Tier?

Jun 8, 2021

A long, but super fun Episode of The SwordCast this week, as we completely nerd out about anime, videogames, cartoons, 90's nostalgia, wrestling, aliens AND MORE! Also, 90's Saturday morning cartoons?

What's Your Top Tier?