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The SwordCast

Mar 28, 2022

This week is an all wrestling show as a big week in Wrestling is around the corner. Plus, we do our SwordCast Community Top 10 Wrestlers List

What's Your Top 10?

Mar 22, 2022

This week we have another episode of "I Was Wrong About You", featuring.... Jujutsu Kaisen. A ton more anime talk as well as our Top 5 Anime Deuteragonists

What's Your Top 5?

Mar 15, 2022

These week Hir-O gives an epic rant on #Sifu, gameplay at 11:53. Noveliss gives his full spoilers Batman Review. And we celebrate Women's Appreciation Month with our Top 5. What's Your Top 5?

Mar 8, 2022

We talk a little Wrestling, a little Batman, and we recap our individual All-Time Video Game Lists!! What's Your Top 5?

Mar 1, 2022

The Gamer Episode! We break down Horizon, Ori, Pokemon and more. Plus our Definitive SwordCast Top 10 Video Game List!