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The SwordCast

May 25, 2020

We apologize for the audio quality of this episode! This week on the SwordCast, we did the show from our respective back yards, and soaked in some good holiday weather. We focus in on comics this week as we lament not being able to attend the Cons that are usually live this time of year. We share our favorite...

May 19, 2020

This week on The SwordCast we jump back into some 90's nostalgia with some rapid fire questions about 90's cartoons! We take a break from the usual schedule and talk about some of our music origin stories. Also, we share our Top 5 Live Action Hero's of All Time. Also, Noveliss falls out of his chair. 

What's Your Top...

May 12, 2020

This week on the SwordCast we revisit our roots and jump into some 90's Nostalgia. What's a 90's Sports Movie that changed your life? We also recap a wild weekend of wrestling, and dive into some Star Wars news. Finally, we share our Top 5 Film Showdowns of all time. 

What's Your Top 5? 

May 5, 2020

May The 4th Be With You! This week on the SwordCast we celebrate Star Wars. We revisit our past Star Wars Top 5's: Movies, & Characters. We run through our gambit of movie questions, this time themed around Star Wars. Also, who are you taking in a duel, Asoka or Rey?

What's Your Top 5?